Mutual Funds


Aggregate Portfolio Risk More Important than Individual Mutual Fund Risk
Managing risks while increasing returns.

Buy Aggressive Growth, High Turnover Stock Mutual Funds
High turnover funds, particularly growth-oriented funds, tend to out-perform even the best mutual funds.

Help Deciphering Mutual Fund Information is On the Way
Hold out for a clear explanation before you sign on the line.

Are Life-Cycle Funds Right for You?
Your life-cycle fund should be tailored to fit your needs.

Mutual Fund Flows a Bad Indicator of Investor Sentiment
When deciding about the funds and stocks you own, ignore the flow of money in and out of mutual funds.

Smaller Riskier, Mutual Funds Outperform Their Bigger Rivals
Smaller funds with higher risk are a good choice for the long-term investor.

Stay Away from Some Closed-end Funds
Danger: closed-end funds bearing high level of restricted securities and unrealized capital appreciation

Save Money with Defined Asset Trusts
Buying defined asset trusts makes sense for long-term investors.

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